New York 2001 – Gaza 2014

In 2001 the people of the so called “Free World” rallied to express their horror at the attack on New York and to join with the United States of America in the fight against the enemy  dubbed for some reason as the “War on Terror” ; why not the “War on Terrorism” perhaps the word terrorism was beyond President Geo. W. Bush’s comprehension.

Some three thousand or more people going about their normal lives lost them to this act of terrorism. And thinking moral people from around the globe raised their voices in strident condemnation at this wanton attack, and rightly so!
NY2001Gaza 2014


Where are those voices now?

Those same thinking moral peoples voices are somewhat subdued by the wanton acts of terrorism being perpetrated each day by the government of Israel with what must be assumed is the tacit approval of their great friend and ally, the United States of America!

These two pictures speak volumes but in different language, the picture on the left shows two buildings destroyed by a few fanatics; one can almost believe and hear in their mind some idiots looking at this scene at the time saying “wow” “cool’ yes indeed I can quite believe that.

The picture on the right shows the horror and devastation caused by a well armed violent country with a seemingly bottomless arsenal compliments of their good friends in the west; wrecking havoc on a virtual defenceless people. I doubt there is anybody saying “wow” or “cool” there; just fear.

Why are the voices so quietnow?  Whispering their condemnation that they are barely heard!

Surely the guilt of the Holocaust is not hovering over the free world, still,  by allowing the Jewish people carte blanche to exact and extract their hatred on the Palestinians for wanting to live in their own country, which was forcibly taken from them and handed over to the Jews; but it would seem that it is!

Netanyahu is, I think,  a war criminal I don’t know if he’s a paraoid megalomaniac or not, I’mnot qualified to say but by my reckoning he is, and I think he should be brought to account for the senseless slaughter of innocent men women and children killed at his behest, and it should be his friends in Washington DC  that sees that he is brought to justice for his crimes against humanity!

But somehow we know they wont, they are much to cowardly. “America the Brave”? Not this time.

4 thoughts on “New York 2001 – Gaza 2014

  1. Hmm… the pissing match about the death toll matters more than what caused it all? I consider myself fairly well informed on current events but, alas, I am just another over-fed, obese, aging, diabetic American, who is really tired of all this Arab-Israeli thing since 1949. I’m sure my “Americanized” concept of how this squabble all began is not the same as those who have lived inside it for the last 60+ years. But here’s a few points on your remarks…

    1. I’m guessing there never would have been a 9/11 if there hadn’t of been a creation of Israel allegedly at the expense of the Palestinians, who are doomed to wander around the way they have done for millennium. It idea that Arabs hate Americans (or, rather Muslims hate Americans) because we tend to favor Israel is a good reason that Muslim extremists everywhere can unite against the Great Satan and lob a few on our heads once in a while. On the other hand, there never would have been Americans in Iraq or Afghanistan had there not been a 9/11. Which I suppose means, had not the powers of the day created Israel Americans would never have needed to go to Iraq or Afghanistan. Oh.. I get it! We can blame ourselves for everything! Gimmie a break.

    2. Try this on for size. The Israelis and Palestinians don’t seem to be having a good year unless they’ve pummeled each other a bit. I’m thinking here they have grown into a symbiotic relationship; they can’t live without each other. They feed off each other. They need each other to survive. Hell, both sides are creating a whole new generation of enemy with each innocent family member they kill. Hey.. just look back on the politics of it all and tell me otherwise. Israel has built up their entire military defensive capability on the need to protect themselves from neighboring Arab invasion. They aren’t used to any other way of life. If the threat isn’t alive and well then they can’t maintain their status quo. Just a thought, simplistic as it is. The region needs therapeutic counseling not military intervention.

    3. Which brings us to the point… we can all open up a history book or do a search on Wikipedia to learn the history of the region (according to someone’s interpretation), but we are not getting the true “feel” of the region. Just why is everyone pissed at each other so much to the point that Muslims dislike Americans so much. Rather than building 3 million dollar tunnels to snipe at Israelis you could easily hire a Madison Avenue ad firm to start a PR campaign for Palestinian rights. Rather than trying to blow up the average American why not try and get us on your side?? I’m tired of the United States continually being collateral damage in the Arab-Israeli conflict. I don’t recall in our history where we’ve conquered or oppressed Muslims. Frankly.. get off my (America’s) fucking back already.

    4. I see you’re an Aussie. 🙂 Well, your toilet water swirls down opposite ours so what do you know.


    1. Obviously nothing. By the bye profanities and expletives are not welcome on my pages but I shall leave this one of yours there as you probably find it difficult to complete your comments without resorting to there use. But only the one!


      1. I am a guest (thus far) on your blog so I should expect no special accommodation regarding my limited use of profanity. Feel free to censure accordingly. In fact, my own posts on my blog contain very few, if any, such disquieting verbiage. I used the word as a colloquial expletive oft used in some GP rated movies. In other words, it was literary in its application and not a guttural expletive because I ran out of other words less offensive… and my meager attempt at some levity to lighten the discourse (the toilet water thing).
        This is likely one of the reasons that Mid-East thing has gone on for so long… we are worried about issues of seemingly little significance compared to the greater issues that led to my remarks here. My apologies all the way around.


        1. I’m all for levity but I do not find any humour in expletives, a reasoned argument without expletives or profanities of any sort is of far greater worth, as for movies I was brought up in the bad old days of black and white films where they were forbidden, which will probably give you some idea of my age and differing values.

          You may also like to go to the following posts on WP by another mature aged perso this one a lady and an American who’s water undoubtably goes down the gurgler the same way as yours. The comments from her many readers may interest you she has several posts running at the moment on the Gaza situation.

 I recommend these to you and your apology is accepted with gratitude


All comments appreciated and acknowledged

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