Subtle Hypocrisy

There seems to be something very wrong and hypocritical to me in the responses from politicians, clergy, reporters of every colour and persuasion  around the world following the murderous shooting down of the Malaysian aircraft over the disputed area of Ukraine; the selective outpourings of anger and sorrow (sorrow might be stretching the reality a bit) emanating from their lips is so much hogwash (for want of a better adjective – expletives are not used or encouraged on my pages but any reader can substitute their own colourful replacement).

For the life of me I cannot see as this atrocity is or was any greater than the one in Gaza. So almost 300 innocent lives were snuffed out in an instant by a rocket of Russian origin destroying the aircraft that they were in, in a senseless merciless act.

Just as over the past several days innocent lives have been snuffed out in Gaza; again by rockets, only this time they are apparently American rockets fired from American rocket launchers .

Obviously it is quite in order for the Israelis to kill innocent Palestinian men women and children in the hope of perhaps killing members of Hamas, for the simple reason that the victims probably sympathize with Hamas anyway.

What hope is there for the innocent unarmed Palestinians against an avenging military armed to the teeth with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of rockets tanks guns aircraft. Sanctioned and encouraged by the leaders of the “Free World”

Yet the people mentioned in the opening paragraph seem to be relatively silent on this atrocity so I must assume that it’s fine and okay to slaughter Palestinian men women and children providing that it’s done by the Israelis with the implied consent of the US but it’s not okay to slaughter innocent unarmed Dutch, Australian, British, American, German et al if committed by Ukrainian’s using Russian weapons.

Something incredibly wrong with this logic I’m thinking but that’s the way things look from where I’m sitting.

I think that before the US President and other leaders of the so called free world start condemning the Russians they should take a deep look into their own actions first and then pull the plug on the Israelis and stop giving them carte blanche in their efforts to wipe the Palestinians off the face of the earth.

If and when they do this then they’ll have the moral right to tell the Moscow Megalomaniac what is acceptable and in the meantime we must just hope that the real “Superpower” now doesn’t take sides or starts laying down the law and keeps minding it’s own business as it goes about buying up the rest of the world to the glory of communism.

It would be almost laughable if it was not so sad.

2 thoughts on “Subtle Hypocrisy

  1. Thank you for voicing my own thoughts out.


    1. I think perhaps there are many more than just you and me Jehan. I think perhaps the Israelis have been playing on the Holocaust too much,a bit like the boy who cried wolf; they are now losing credibility.

      I doubt that there are many left, if any, in fact who remember WWll and the concentration camps. I also believe it’s safe to say that that will never happen or be allowed to happen again.

      Thank you for your comment

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