My Penultimate Move

A small explanation regarding the heading for this post.

After living for nearly forty years on the Northern Beaches the War Office and I have moved to the inner city suburb of Annandale. For my Yankee and Confederate chums (buddy’s) that is like moving from Long Beach, Long Island, NY to SoHo, Manhattan . From the sublime to the ridiculous.

I foresee only one future move for me now which will be to Wollongong; which I won’t know much about and for an explanation as to why see my post Yesterday Today and Tomorrow.”

Naturally there is much more activity going on in this neck of the woods and I’ll probably get used to it if I live long enough. One thing that does appeal to me is the close proximity to the north/south (05/25) runway of Sydney’s Kingsford-Smith Airport.

When the winds in the right direction I can be sure of plenty of action when it comes to take offs and landings, I quite enjoy the noise and excitement; I suppose thats because I’ve always been fascinated by aeroplanes/airplanes/aircraft for as long as I can remember and that’s a long, long time.

I never tire of watching the planes coming in on final approach to the 25 or climbing away from the 05 and wonder who’s sitting in the left hand seat. Sometimes I get a bit melancholy when I think of the good old days when Ansett and TAA were flying in and out of the cities and towns across this continent,there  was something good about both those airlines. The were distinctly ours. Australian owned, managed, run and serviced by us they had a nice feel about them, they felt like us because they were like us.

I miss them both and I feel sad when watching the planes come and go and I don’t see their colours/livery. True we still have QANTAS but for how long is anybody’s guess but QANTAS wasn’t our domestic service it was always our overseas airline.

Back in the early 1960’s I worked for Ansett and I’ll go into that later; I did do a post about an incident way back;  cut and paste or copy  VH-INA Flt 216 to Adelaide/Perth into the search bit on this website it will take you there  if you’re the least bit interested in my ramblings.

Next post will be about my lifelong fascination with aircraft and the everlasting effects they’ve had on my life, that’s of course if I ever get around to doing more Blogs/Posts which in future I’ll try and keep short and sweet and to the point.



2 thoughts on “My Penultimate Move

  1. Look out Annandale, Brian is on the loose. LOL Love ya Lisa


    1. Thanks Lisa I miss the tranquility of the Northern Beaches whether I adapt or not is in the lap of the Gods and I haven’t been making many sacrifices offerings to Zeus the Thunderer of late, and I don’t bother with your bloke 🙂


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