Dopey Daughters did it!

Many moons ago (back in July 2012 to be exact) I wrote a blog/post re Dopey Daughter on some sort of safari in some remote (well I suppose it’s remote) African country, Malawi.

She recently finished her paper and it was accepted for publication in an International Medical Journal; I am now both pleased and proud to announce that Dopey’s paper has been published.

I have read it and don’t understand anything that she has written but I presume the people that matter most do so if either of my two followers (do I still have you?) would like or care to read her work/report/paper here is the link. 

and here is the link to my original post;  complete with a picture of Sarah with some children who I believe are AIDS victims.


11 thoughts on “Dopey Daughters did it!

  1. Neill Francis 12/05/2014 — 11:13

    Brian, good on her. I have a former teaching colleague and his wife, who raise money and help out once a year at an aids orphanage in Africa, but I think they go to Kenya. They usually spend two to three months at a time. They take the children on excursions and camps during their school holidays – Tom and Carol Pinkey. Neill.

    *Neill Francis*


    1. Thanks Neill, I’ll pass on your good wishes she never reads my blogs yet she’s the one got me started on this nonsense 🙂


  2. I have to admit, even with my medical background I didn’t understand it. Like you I realize the importance of what she wrote. Just being published is a great accomplishment of which I am sure your one proud papa. Love ya


    1. Thank you Lisa, it’s way over my head but she’s done well and I’m quite pleased with her, I think if she gets one more published she can lecture as an Associate Professor, then I will be pleased 🙂

      I shall pass on your kind words to her, as you see from my reply to my other follower Neill, she’s the one got me started on this rubbish and never reads what I write 😉


  3. John Pennington 12/05/2014 — 15:23

    Pass my congratulations to Dopey. JP


  4. Dopey castigated me for referring to the children as AIDS victims, apparently the correct expression is HIV affected, however I think in this case I’ll stick to victims; these poor children are victims whichever way you look at it!


  5. You must be very proud, Brian. Most impressive!


    1. A double up Thanks again Lauren 🙂


  6. You must be very proud, Brian. Most impressive!


    1. Yes indeed Lauren, I really don’t know how she fits everything into her day she’s full speed ahead from daylight to daylight 🙂


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