Five Things a Man Don’t Like in a Wife, 1785

The History of Love

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Five Things a Man don’t like in a Wife

– A Woman who will cuckold her Husband

– She who carries false Tales from one to another

– She who will be drunk before her Husband

– She who runs her Husband in Debt without his Knowledge

– She who pretends to love her Husband, but loves another better


And for the sake of equality….


Five Sorts of Husbands a Woman don’t like

– A quarrelsome Husband

– A jealous Husband

– A drunken Husband

– A Spendthrift

– One who is running after Whores, when he has a good honest Wife at home


So, gist is….

LADIES: No sleeping around, irresponsible boozing, or unnecessary shopping trips on your husband’s credit card.

GENTS: No sleeping around, irresponsible boozing, or unnecessary spending.

Hmmm. Maybe not so ridiculous after all.


From ‘The Five Strange Wonders of the World’ (c1785). Courtesy…

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3 thoughts on “Five Things a Man Don’t Like in a Wife, 1785

  1. Pretty much sums it up, Good marriage, no drinking spending or sleeping around. I have one more to add,,,, Keep a job……


  2. LOL. Some things never change!


    1. And may I say never will; thankfully 🙂


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