AARRGGHH!! The Need for Historical Accuracy…

Every Woman Dreams...

Research . . . AARGH!!!!

One of the best parts of being a writer is learning new things. However, one of the worst parts of being a writer is researching those new things. As I am sure everyone on this site may attest, I have spent hours and hours and hours searching for a fact that turns out to be less than one paragraph in my novel, but if I do not make an effort for accuracy, some astute reader will surely call me on it. Sometimes, I must even educate my editor on Regency facts. For example, when I wrote, “…a figure wrapped in a long black cape and sporting a beaver,” my editor changed it to “a long black cape with a beaver lining.” I had to explain to the young lady that a beaver was a man’s top hat in the Regency period. So, for this blog…

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