A Dummy Spit


For some reason or other I posted a ‘Blog’ everyday from 1st November to the 9th December, yesterday the 10th of December I decided to give it a rest.


I was sadly missed! When I opened all, and I have quite a few, e-mail boxes/accounts call them what you will, this morning I was heartened by the response, my in boxes were chocker block.


Sadly they  turned out to be mostly ‘Spam’, plus my usual newspaper subscriptions, and answers/replies to mail that I’d sent. Nobody missed me or my blogs.

I never knew how unpopular I really was, you’ve quite made my day, I can now write with impunity and not offend anybody because nobody reads the rubbish I write anyway. Now how’s that for having a dummy spit! 🙂  🙂




4 thoughts on “A Dummy Spit

  1. I read everything you write, and i enjoy all of it.
    love ya


    1. Thank you Lisa, no comments had been made on my last endeavour’s at the Wet or my religious effort the RIP thingy so I thought you too had given up on me. your loyalty knows no bounds for which I am truly eternally grateful 🙂 🙂 🙂


      1. Sometimes I don’t reply, but i do read everything, I tend to jump around alot when i am on here. Always have grandsons climbing on me, or dinner to fix. LOL someone’s arse to wipe, you know.
        You constantly amaze me, and with your blogs I feel like I am learning more and more about you. I find it a shame that we probably will never meet in person. But consider you a very very dear friend. I think even back in pogo bingo, I was one of the few who “got you sense of humor and dry wit”
        Love ya,


        1. Thank you Lisa, I know you are my oldest dearest friend on the Internet, and I too would have enjoyed sitting at your kitchen table watching you and your children eating “grits” and me yakking my head off, somehow I don’t think “grits” would agree with me 🙂
          How many years ago was it that the bingo room was really jumping, so many people coming and going and sadly, now, some no longer with us. Our old friend Sandra, how long now since she died, and here I am a crotchety old man of 29++ still babbling away,
          I invited the War office to see your note and she thought it was lovely and that you too must be.
          I love you right back Lisa
          xoxoxo Brian


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