James Spader and “The Blacklist”

Last night I switched on the TV to watch part 1 of the season finale of James Spader‘s ‘The Blacklist”, the season concludes tonight. I do think that the writers/producers/directors and anybody else have gone over the top with this so much so that I think we’re in for more rubbish tonight.

So far the program has been reasonably good for this genre, but the finale is just a load of rubbish from what I’ve seen so far, whether or not I watch part 2 after last night’s lot depends how masochistic I feel at 20.30 hours.

I mean let’s face it are they really going to bump off our hero “Red”, this program is doing so well from what I read on line and who’s going to throw away all those hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in advertising revenue.

The only thing we can be sure of is that whatever happens “Red” is going to get out of his predicament, after all there are several hundred more on his “Blacklist”, the only thing I’m not sure of is, do we have to wait for the next season to start to see how he survives, which is the usual  Yankee way or will we get to see it tonight. The people responsible can’t be that stupid ; can they?

Last night proved beyond doubt that our “Red” is a man of many talents, there he is locked in his box with his badly wounded/dying FBI chum, Don, and “Red” pulls out a knife and performs life saving surgery. Gives a blood transfusion direct from his own arm. What a guy!

I really was waiting for Don to have a kidney failure or heart attack so that “Red” could have chopped out one of his own and shoved it into poor old Don, absolutely ludicrous.

And then what happens? Poor Lizzie who was on her way to rescue them all gets herself caught, so tonight I suppose Harry is going to give the baddies the code to get “Red” out of his box in exchange for Agent Lizzie and then will we see what ghastly things are in store for our hero? Who knows, I don’t think I particularly care at this moment; what I’ll feel like in another 4 or 5 hours is another thing.

Have you noticed too how the Yankee’s like to have all the real nasty, rotten baddies be English, It used to be that the English baddies were the upper crust well spoken “what ho! ol” chap” type of bloke but these days they’re going for more of the Cockney/East End Londoner for their crooks.

Isn’t it time our American cousins got over the  Revolution and the War of 1812-1815, and realized that we are on relatively friendly terms? Hell!,  we even let them share and use/mutilate our language 😉

Being a Cockney I take umbrage at this, we’re the backbone of the Empire 🙂 or was, except for the “Kray Bros” of course.

Anyway whether I come back on the subject of the “Blacklist” and “Red” is in the lap of the Gods, I don’t believe old Father Zeus would enjoy this nonsense.

All comments appreciated and acknowledged

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