The End



Here in a not so sunny Australia today it’s the 1st day of  December 2013, and being simple folk we celebrate the  first day of summer on this day.


 Why wait for an equinox or solstice to welcome the changes of season? Get it over and done with; what’s the  point in waiting for three weeks into a month before changing, just because the Sun won’t change its schedule doesn’t mean we can’t adjust ours, does it?


Now that I’ve got that rubbish off my chest I’ll let on why I wrote it. Currently it is 11.00am Sunday the 1st of December here; in New York, USA it’s according, to my calculations. 7.00pm (19.00 hrs) Saturday 20th November and in San Francisco, USA its 4.00pm (16.00Hrs) Saturday 20th November 2013.


Why do I tell you this nonsense?


NaBloPoMo will finish in the USA at midnight either on the west coast or the east, so when I hit the “Post” button and post this it will be my last post in US time. Does that make sense?


My first post in this NaBloPoMo was made on the 2nd November Sydney time, 1st November US time and I reckon that I’ve succeeded in posting one blog a day for the month of November; which was the challenge.


Anybody wishing to dispute this it will be swords at dawn on Newport Beach, that’s Newport NSW not Rhode Island of California.


Those wishing to give me their heartiest congratulations, please feel free to do so and the more laudatory the better.  🙂




4 thoughts on “The End

  1. John Pennington 01/12/2013 — 11:49

    One blog entry per day! Not easily done. Congratulations. (It’s Nov. 30th in San Francisco, BTW, not the 20th.)


    1. Thanks John, it became a bit of a struggle near the end I must have lost my concentration re the date, I know the US is behind us in many ways but not that far.


  2. well, i hope you have enough to continue the “Wet ” saga, because i am truly enjoying the reading.
    So now lets see how many blogs you can do in December


    1. My tales of my time at the Hordern Hotel would make better reading but I doubt they’d get past the censor, I’ve got just a few more of the Saga of the Wet before I wind it up. I trust you’re reading them to your grandchildren before tucking them into bed for the night

      Thanks Lisa I’m glad I’ve got you to read my blogs 🙂


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