NaBloPoMo; still!

At 10.42 AEST 02/11/2013 (Australian Eastern Summer Time)I published my first post for the month of November complaining that I ‘d missed out on a post for the 1st November so that I’d be ineligible for the NaBloPoMo pat on the head.

I now believe I’m entitled to claim credit (and a pat on the head) for having made a post for each day of this month so far. “And why should you?” I hear you all scream out; well at 10.42 am AEST  2nd November in Sydney ( the known centre of the universe) the time in California was 3.42 pm  1st November. In New York I think it would have been 6.42 pm so whichever way you look at it I made a post in WordPressville on the 1 st November.

This being a lazy sunny Sunday afternoon I shall take time off from racking my poor feeble brain looking for some boring rubbish to regale my follower with and submit this as my daily post. 😉



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