In keeping with the spirit…

Of  NaBloPoMo I need to write  and post a blog; and also in keeping with the Melbourne Cup spirit I’ll stay with the racing scene, not that I’m particularly interested in it, however the War Office is and at this time of the year our daughters like to have a little flutter too.

Today at Flemington is what is known as “Ladies Day”  or is it “Lady“s Day” anyway the  race of the day is “The Oaks” which I understand is for mares and fillies, the lady horses. It’s also another day for silly hats and frocks as you can imagine.

The War Office lost  her money as is her wont, Boo got up a trifecta and I had a few hours peace,

For those not familiar with the War Office I’m attaching a new picture, I’m sure she won’t object to this one!


War Office, Pall Mall
War Office, Pall Mall (Photo credit: Leonard Bentley)

2 thoughts on “In keeping with the spirit…

  1. We have an Oaks race here in Louisville also. It’s for the fillies and is ran the day before the Kentucky Derby, Not quite the hoohah as the Derby but very close. The war office and I may have alot in common, as i believe my horse from last Oaks is still running around the track LOL
    Love ya Lisa


    1. The original Oaks was of course an English event and was first run in 1789 one year before the Derby, that’s the original Derby in England not the Kentucky Derby which as we all know is now more famous than the Epsom Derby, some more useless info for you Lisa.

      The War Office doesn’t always lose sometimes she wins quite well and then can’t wait to give it all backs. I tell her she’s a mug punter and in this she agrees;

      Thanks again Lisa and I love ya right back


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