James Spader and the Westpac ‘Chopper

Last night around 8.30 I switched on my TV, I watch “The Blacklist” with James Spader. I rather enjoy watching this actor, he always has a delightful supercilious air about him. There’s no difference in his acting in this program as in “Boston Legal” which I found quite amusing; until it deteriorated into trite trash.

In “The Blacklist” he looks completely dapper. immaculately attired, (something he wasn’t in “Boston Legal” that was left to his sparring partner; Denny Crane aka Captain Kirk aka Wm. Shatner) and when stepping out the pictures complete when he dons a hat.  Will this start a revival? I hope so but it’s a bit late for me.

I always wore a ‘Trilby‘ and remember my first, my maternal grandmother gave me the money at Easter 1950 to buy my first hat. This was as a birthday present and she thought I should be suitably attired when I started work in the ‘City’ , I bought the Trilby in preference to the “Bowler” for the simple reason I was starting as a junior clerk and a “B” was for the seniors. Not only that I couldn’t stand the “B” .

For the next 10 years or so I never went out without a titfer on my head. The old adage “If you want to get ahead; get a hat!”

Enough of that nonsense back to “The Blacklist”. How long I’ll stay with this program I don’t know. I think the story lines are over the top to say the least.

What will keep me watching of course is Mr Spader’s character Raymond “Red” Reddington; ( Hey that’s a pretty clever nickname for him “Red” how did they come up with that?) and his relationship with the programs lead actress Megan Boone who plays the part of  Elizabeth Keen. And Raymond being Red naturally calls her “Lizzie”.

I think perhaps that Lizzie will turn out to be Red’s daughter, that’s why he takes such a keen interest and knows so much about her, Red’s pretty smart and he’s kept his eye on her all these years. I wonder if I’ll keep watching that long? I’m inclined to get bored quite easily with the repetition of this type of program.

Don’t you just love the way they go running around searching in broad daylight or a well lit room with their torches on and wearing rubber glove? Hilarious.           😉

To get back to the start of this little diatribe, I switched on the TV and of course the program hadn’t started. The commercial stations here have woken up to the idea that running late is a good idea, to keep a captive audience tuned to their network.

So I got to see the last few minutes of a ‘doco’ about the ‘Westpac Rescue Helicopter‘, which of course I didn’t mind, I sometimes see this machine along our coastline on some errand of help or mercy.

Then the credits rolled (you note I have the right jargon) and at the end there was a request for donations to help keep the “Westpac” helicopter flying by writing to or sending… I was gobsmacked!

Could this be real? I’d seen it with my own eyes and knew it to be so, and yet just two hours earlier during the business report on the same channels news it was reported that Westpac Banking Corporation had recorded a record profit of 7.1 billion dollars $7.1000,000,000.00.  an 8% rise over the previous year and they were giving their shareholders a special dividend.

The CEO was very pleased with the result; and will probably be more than pleased with her bonus; how many millions this year? But she’s worth it!

And here they are asking for donations to keep their rescue helicopter flying (do they claim this as advertising I wonder), their logo and name displayed prominently .

The sheer unmitigated gall of this bank leaves me speechless!  Westpac chopper

All comments appreciated and acknowledged

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