Where there’s smoke….

There’s fire; so goes the old adage.


For the past two mornings I’ve awoken to a smoke filled sky. The sun desperately trying to shine through casting a ghostly glow through the haze. 


The smell of the eucalyptus hangs in the air. Yet there is no sign of the fire. For the nearest bushfire is some 80 kms, and maybe more, to the west: the smoke and the smells that travel with it are being borne along on the strong high westerlies yet drifting ever so slowly over the coast across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand some 4000 kilometres away. Yes it will probably reach that far!


Soon tired, exhausted men and women; young and old will get some rest and all things will get back to normal. But not for some, the many who have lost everything, their homes and prized possessions will pick up the pieces and start all over, again and wait. For the fires will not go away.

2 thoughts on “Where there’s smoke….

  1. Hope your safe, Hate to hear about people losing everything, Oh i am trying to find out the laws on mailing you some of that Old Forrester Bourbon. Thought it might make a nice xmas gift.


    1. Thanks Lisa we’re fine here, my chum Neill, you may see some of his comments, has a cousin who’s house went up and lost all. We are set amongst trees (gums) and they burn like hell once they get going. I’m not up on the laws but I know the Australian customs are pretty strict and I think it best if you drink it and describe the joy of a top bourbon. Thank you for the very nice thought but I think it best not to tempt the customs there here and all the handlers on the way through. Odds of it disappearing on route? Odds on


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