Coco’s forgotten birthday

I bow my head in shame. 😦 

One week ago the 19th October was my dogs birthday; yes Coco was 6 and though we celebrated and he had his birthday cake which he devoured in great haste and with much enjoyment (the demise of the cake was captured and recorded on video and posted on You-Tube).

I neglected to let all his admirers worldwide know via these pages the importance of this date so that messages of congratulations could come pouring in for me to read to him; though extremely intelligent he has not as yet mastered the art of reading and therefore relies on me, his humble servant, to read them to him.

For those wishing to see my friend and master just follow this link to watch him devour his cake; and as a special treat you’ll get to watch it twice over. Now that’s something to look forward to I promise.   🙂

and for those amongst you to lazy and can’t be bothered here is a picture of my dog. Isn’t he a joy? The mumbling bumbling voice in the background is mine and the music I can hear faintly in the background seems very pleasant but it’s so soft I don’t recognize it and there are no prizes for those that do!



2 thoughts on “Coco’s forgotten birthday

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COCO, Brian your to young to be forgetting birthdays, unless of course their your own. Love ya Lisa


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