Murdered by the Media

Tomorrow Saturday the 7th September 2013 here in Australia we go to “The Polls”.

Thousands of scout halls, church halls, school halls across this island continent will open their doors at 8.00 am local time and millions of eligible voters will flock together in numbers great and small to cast their vote to determine who will govern us for the next four years.

And this is at it should be!

For we are a free people and it is a right, an honour and a duty that was fought for and won by Australian men and women in days long gone for we the people of today.

Sadly this year we the people of Australia have been manipulated, lied to by the media barons; press and electronic, led by that vile American citizen (who has the audacity to call himself an Australian) Rupert Murdock, that avaricious female from Western Australia; Gina Rinehart and others of their ilk.

We are going to be governed by their appointee, Tony Abbott, the way we have been set up is brilliant; Goebbels would have been proud of them.

Many months before the election was called it was obvious that though Prime Minister Julia Gillard was in difficulty with the voters there was still a very good chance that she would defeat Abbott in a ‘General Election’. One on one in a “Leaders Discussion” Miss Gillard would have literally chewed Abbott up and spit out the remains contemptuously.

There would have been nothing left of Abbott!

Make no mistake , Murdock, Rinehart Stokes & Co knew this and couldn’t allow it to happen if they were going to have their puppet in power; and they wanted Abbott and need him for how else can they run the country?

If Miss Gillard stayed met and slaughtered Abbott on the campaign trail then the Liberal Party would have had time to dump him and install Malcolm Turnbull, he would have been equal to the task and in all probability would have defeated Miss Gillard and the ALP honestly and fairly.

They could not risk this for Mr Turnbull is an honest man ( I think most Australians would agree with this) and one not to be manipulated controlled by their puppet strings.

So what to do?

Get rid of Miss Gillard and bring back Mr Rudd, so the campaign began, she had to go because she wanted to make the media responsible for their actions and they could not allow this to happen, especially the despicable Mr Murdock; US citizen!

Bad press both print and TV spewed out from every available source to tell us, the Australian people how Miss Gillard and her government was leading us to the poorhouse in every sense.

At the same time they started the rumour that Kevin Rudd was by far the most popular politician that Labor has had since the heady days of Bob Hawke and could lead us to salvation.

Then the newspaper polls told us that this was true and so the pressure was mounted on the ALP Members of Parliament, and they believed what the polls were saying and that soon they would be out of their nice cushie jobs and lose all the perks of office unless they got rid of The Damned Julia and replaced her with St. Kevin the Weak.

Absolutely brilliant!

They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They got St. Kevin with plenty of time to spare, for a few weeks they gave him good press showing the world how much the ALP and the country needed him. Everywhere he went he was pictured with smiling happy faces and the government no longer faced annihilation; they were in with a chance.

Naturally with all this adoration Rudd feeling secure named the day for the election Saturday the 7th September 2013.
Game set and match, the media barons win!

Out comes every negative pertaining to Kevin Rudd; no longer pictures of his smiling face, his hand raised in a blessing on the people of this land; we now have Kevin the worried, the frowns the scowls all the bad mistakes he made thrown at us from left right and centre field. All the reasons why Miss Julia Gillard and her loyal supports deposed him in the first place all dragged up again and tossed in our faces. They didn’t have the dirt to dump on Miss Gillard!

And now sadly for St. Kevin he no longer looks like our saviour and we must hope that he will not weep, again, when he makes his concession speech sometime on Saturday night.

If you don’t believe what I’ve written then take a look at this link; it’s frightening!


6 thoughts on “Murdered by the Media

  1. I agree, it’s a sad state of affairs. Regardless of which side of the fence any persons political preferences fall the way this has played out is quite appalling.

    It’s been sad to witness the death of real journalism over the last few years and in this campaign period it’s definitely accelerated the decline. As the facts disappear we’re left with a tabloid media and slow but sure dumbing down of the Australian population.

    Regardless of political persuasion, we should all expect higher standards than this


    1. I think we are entitled (I don’t know about deserving; I like to think we are) to the highest standards. It’s too much to expect from the Murdock empire and sad to say the Fairfax organization is starting to go down the same track. There was a time when I devoured the Sydney Morning Herald for breakfast I could not start my day without it; now I scan it on the Internet. I have not purchased a copy for some years.

      Thank you Mark for your comments they are gratefully received 🙂


  2. Regardless of who anyone votes for, there’s a damn good chance we’ll end up with a bunch of politicians in charge and, looking at the available talent, this is a major problem for Australia.

    Australians have 3 year now to find good honest decent people with leadership qualities, and encourage them to run for parliament. If enough good ones get involved they will swamp the entrenched crud which currently controls both major partys.

    But then, we’d still be left with the biased media we currently have, and Australians can’t vote on that unfortunately.

    Maybe we need a coalition of independents, dunno !!




    1. As I understand it Julia Gillard wanted to make the media responsible for their actions and that’s why she had to go.

      Thanks for your comment Mick, greatly appreciated 😉


  3. Brian, a week after the election, everything unfolded precisely as you had predicted and the press had contrived. Not happy with gaining the election result they wanted, the same people now want to have a say in who is elected leader of the Labor Party. Unlike some, I’m pleased the Party has become more democratic, hopefully it will boost membership. If people want to have a say in leadership and policy, join up.


    1. Thank you Neill, I really had intended to write this post a couple of weeks before when it appeared obvious to me what I thought was going on. Frankly I don’t have a very high opinion of Mr Shorten and after what he did I don’t feel he is to be trusted. Your local member doesn’t do much for me either.

      My forlorn wish is for the Labor hierarchy to read my post, come to their, I was going to say collective senses, I’ll just stick to senses and get down on their knees and implore Miss Julia Gillard to come back and lead them, as they need a leader of courage. To me she’s proved that she has it; Shorten hasn’t to the contrary he ran for cover when it looked like disaster was facing the party and was to dumb or ignorant to see what was really happening. He fell for the media hype hook line and sinker and therefore in my opinion is not worthy of taking the role of leader of the Australian Labor Party.

      Thanks for your kind remarks Neill, they’re always appreciated


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