Back again!

It’s been a disastrous couple of weeks, my computer crashed completely. My own fault I could see it coming and did nothing to prevent it; I wont go into details needless to say it is back up and running better than ever.

My back up steam driven computer is so slow that if it went any slower it would be going backwards so I only went on board for the absolute essentials and neglected everything else. So enough of the excuses!  😦

Being still under warranty ASUS didn’t mess about they just took out the old hard drive and installed a brand new one. All my important stuff was backed up on an external drive so I lost nothing but rubbish 🙂 .

Just to add a bit of colour and interest to this boring post I thought it would be a good time to attach a couple of photographs and I thought a pic or two of the new granddaughter and her grandfather would lighten up an otherwise dull post.; and just for good measure a new picture of my dog 😉 .

My CocoOld &New2Old & NewI don’t know why but these pictures keep sorting themselves into this order. }:-\


6 thoughts on “Back again!

  1. Going to spoil that one grandpa, Look at that head full of hair, LOL(the baby, not the dog)
    Love ya,


    1. Thank you Lisa and no I will not be spoiling her; that is her daddy’s prerogative 🙂 My dog is a furry little fellow I have his fur cut every 6 weeks it grows so quickly, and grandpa spoils him rotten


  2. Good to see you back! Love the pictures with the granddaughter-she’s adorable. (Your dog is, too!)


    1. Thank you Lauren it’s good to be back, the granddaughter is a little sweetie at the moment and I’m looking forward to the time when she will recognize me.
      My dog is adorable and has me well trained 😉


  3. Brian, good to see you back. I thought perhaps we hadn’t heard from you for awhile, because you were unwell; pleased it was technical and not corporal. Like the photographs.


    1. Thanks Neill; it’s good to be back and for a change I’m feeling very well indeed. It was my own stupidity and over confidence that resulted in the crash so I have nobody to blame but myself. ASUS were very good they didn’t mess me about just asked if it was okay to bung in a new hard drive and I said yes they did it straight away and couriered it back to me the same day. Good people to deal with.
      Cheers and thanks again for your kind remarks


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