Dopey Daughter Graduates: Again!

I’ve been reliably informed by the War Office that Sarah has graduated again and we have to attend the graduation ceremony at Sydney University. So time to get out the collar and tie bit for me.

This time it seems she will receive her Masters Degree in Public Health, which is way beyond me but apparently along with her other degrees she is eligible to run a hospital or to teach at University which is all well and good except that we are talking about my ‘Dopey Daughter’ and I can see the pitfalls which lie ahead.

Imagine for example that she was running say the ‘Royal North Shore’ ; situated as the name implies on the Northern Shore of Sydney Harbour,  my phone rings and it’s Dopey and the conversation goes something like this;

‘ Hi  dad it’s me, have you seen the hospital anywhere? I didn’t leave it up there with you when I was there did I?’ ‘No Sarah” says I “have you checked your pockets?”  “Yes ”says she ”and it’s not there”

‘Have you reported it to the police?’ I ask “Yes dad and no ones handed it in what shall I do?’

‘Well perhaps the first thing you should do is notify the staff not to come into work as you’ve lost it and then ring around and stop all the delivery people from delivering whatever delivery people deliver”. “Okay dad thanks!”

Ten minutes later the phone rings again. Triumphantly “Hi dad I’ve found it!” “Good” says I “where was it?” “St Leonards” says she

” That’s where it’s always been” says I ” I know but it wasn’t there when I got home” says she again. “Bye Dopey” says I hanging up. She lives in Glebe on the south side of the harbour!

Perhaps Dopey would be better off with an academic career, at least it wouldn’t be dull for the students, there’d be a least one session of Bollywood Dancing or trapeze swinging to break the monotony of the classroom; or perhaps instructions in camel riding, (I believe she has extensive experience in all these pastimes) and at the end she’d have a load of happy students whether they’d learned anything or not is neither here nor there 🙂

Anyway on Friday the 10th May off we will trot to the Sydney University to see our daughter Sarah get another well  earned degree. I might even get a few pictures to liven up this post 😉

Graduation Day with m

2 thoughts on “Dopey Daughter Graduates: Again!

  1. Well Congrats Sarah, with a father who knows almost everything, you seem to be following in his footsteps, I know he’s very proud of his Dopey Daughter. Love ya Brian,.


    1. Thanks Lisa; a chip off the old block? Hardly, after I was born they threw away the mould 😉


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