Our Granddaughter has arrived!

The Apple of her eye
The Apple of her eye

She is a week late but what matter, she is alive and well our first grand child Ruby Alice born at 9.50 this morning and weighing in at 3.6 kgs (around 8 lbs for the unenlightened).

I shall get to see her tomorrow, today with all the excitement I was required to stay at home at look after the dogs somebody had to and it fell to my lot.

My daughter Emma is now well and no doubt looking forward to the joys of “Mothers Day” in a couple of weeks; Luke, as is befitting a first time father is a wreck.

Granny Smith
Granny Smith

You may be sure that I shall keep you posted on this happy event 🙂

6 thoughts on “Our Granddaughter has arrived!

  1. AWWWW Congrats Grandpa, if this is your first grandchild your in for a world of Love and joy, grandchildren are sooooooooo much better then your children. You can send them home when your ready, but your never ready. Enjoy my friend, all the more reason to hang around this world a little longer, Love ya Lisa


    1. Thank you Lisa, she is not MY first grandchild, I have three from my first marriage, who I have never seen or met. My eldest/ first daughter and I have been estranged for many many years. However she is our (the War Office and me) first and the way things are going probably the last.
      Thank you for the kind thoughts and good wishes,
      Love you my dear friend


  2. Congratulations to you and your family, Brian! She’s lovely.


    1. Thank you Lauren, I’m sure all female members of my family agree with you wholeheartedly 🙂


  3. Congratulations Brian – to you, the W.O., Luke and especially Emma. May Ruby Alice live a long, happy, healthy and productive life. I hope as she grows, she doesn’t look as much like you as she does now.


    1. Thank you Neill I am sorry to inform you that she bears absolutely no resemblance to me or anybody from the Smith side. She is the spit of her father which I’m sure Luke gives thanks for; all my offspring have been decidedly fair; Emma is still blonde.
      Cheers Brian


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