I made it!

My father died aged 76 and a few months into his 77th year; Sonny, my brother, lived 77 years and 11 months and died in his 78th year. I have now completed my 78th year and moved into my 79th sounds pretty ominous doesn’t it?

My mother died aged 79 years and 10 months in her 80th year; am I to fill in the gap. What a cheerful way to spend the 50th celebration of my 29th birthday πŸ™‚

It has always been my intention to pass the age my paternal grandparents were when they died. They were both in their 87th year having been born the year Abraham Lincoln died (1865).

I would like to emulate President John Adams feat, he lived 1735 – 1825; by living 1935 – 2025 but I wouldn’t place any bets on it.

And for my birthday cake? I’ve made a ‘Citrus Cream Cake with Pistachio Praline and Whipped my own cream” and Yes! I made it all.


8 thoughts on “I made it!

  1. Congratulations! the cake sounds absolutely delicious, I would’ve liked to share it.


    1. Thank you Judy or is it Jean, you now have me all confused. The cake is delicious though there’s precious little left this morning.


  2. Congratulations Brian! I now see what you mean by your 29th birthday. I’ve outlived most of my family: my mother died at 49, my father and eldest brother at 52, my father’s only brother at 45, so you can see longevity has not blessed our family.
    I wouldn’t have minded a slce of the cake, it sounded delicious. Did you eat most of it yourself, or did the family get stuck into it, leaving you very little?


    1. Thank you Neill, as you can see my relations seem to live forever, I lost track of my fathers siblings but I do believe that some reached their 90’s and I thought that I would be the first to reach 100 for many years. Right up until the time I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and them had the small stroke, so I’ve had to revise down.
      There is just a little of my cake left and yes it was quite delicious. Dopey Daughter missed out as did Nathan Sebastian my son, Emma and Luke helped to devour most of it; Luke has a very sweet tooth and enjoys my cakes and deserts and just about anything else, what you might call “good on the tooth” but I do think that this time I’ve had the most πŸ˜‰


  3. Happy day, Brian! Your cake sounds luscious, and I hope you had a beautiful day!


    1. Thank you Lauren It was and I did πŸ˜‰


  4. Write Life, by A Lady 20/04/2013 — 21:13

    Happy late birthday, Sir! April babies are a special bunch. Mine is coming up tomorrow, 21 April. Your cake sounds lovely, and I hope you celebrated yourself and had a wonderful day.


    1. Thank you Pamela, I agree wholeheartedly with what you say regarding April babies although the War Office aka my wife and my “Billy Lids” (my children) think otherwise. Perhaps it’s just jealousy on their part; I like to think so πŸ™‚
      I must thank you too for giving me the push needed to do something with my set-up, my pages looked pretty drab and really in no way reflective of me. The new picture that I use comes from the Windows ‘Books’ Wallpaper. I’m always surrounded by or have my head buried in a book when not actually active on my computer, and theres usually a fair amount of dust around which I invariably fail to see, much to the chagrin of the W.O.


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