Dopey Daughters Day

Today the 10th March my dopey daughter celebrates her birthday, and I wish her many more, she’s normally too busy to follow my posts but who knows, she may get around to seeing this one.

Happy birthday Sarah.

D. ol’ d.

8 thoughts on “Dopey Daughters Day

    1. Affectionate and true Jean, I did write on her birthday post last year as to why I refer to her as “My Dopey Daughter”
      I’ve repressed the post and also sent the link via Twitter if you’d like to read why she is Dopey

      Thank you for replying to my posts all comments I receive are really appreciated very much 🙂


  1. I’m so sorry you’re not up to snuff Brian…I wish you felt better–the tone of your post is kind of depressed and I can understand why–you’ve been through a lot. My father who passed away at age 54 of a massive coronary…no wasting away for him. He was born April 15, 1930…he’s been gone since 1985. Not sure why I threw that in there, I forgot…


    1. What a terribly young age to die at 54 I think I was just really starting to understand and enjoy my life. He must have been a fine man going by his birth sign, an Aries I see 🙂

      I’m glad you did throw it in Jean it’s always good to speak of our dear old dads, which is how my Dopey Daughter refers to me. I think of mine often. He died the nicest way; he went to bed one night and just simply forgot to wake up the next morning.

      Thank you for your kind thoughts


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