10 Best Train Stations

Two trains from above lahore railway station
Two trains from above lahore railway station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Train station in Cut Bank, Montana, U...
English: Train station in Cut Bank, Montana, United States Category:Images of railway stations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Train station Ypenburg
Train station Ypenburg (Photo credit: F.d.W.)


10 Best Train Stations.

Always been a train lover, they really mean 10 Best RAILWAY  Stations; trains run on railway lines and stop at stations along the way, railway that is!

This is not my selection but it’s a very interesting one for those with a similar bent,plus a few from the WP Gallery.


8 thoughts on “10 Best Train Stations

  1. Brian,
    Central Railway Station in Sydney is promising from the outside, but is very disappointing inside, particularly, the so called, “Grand Concourse”.


    1. True Neill, it cant hold a candle to Grand Central in New York, I’d love to have been able to see and visit Penn Station in NY but the developers knocked it down to build Madison Square Gardens.


  2. Reblogged this on LordBeariOfBow and commented:

    Thought I’d had a whinge about railway stations


  3. I can only see three. And I bet you could find a few in Australia.


    1. Well I had a look at the original and 7 have disappeared it seems ❓


    2. I’ve worked it out John you need to click on the ’10 Best Train Stations” at the top of the post and it will take you to the site that published the RAILWAY stations


    3. The post that I was referring to did have one Australian railway station


  4. I think you have to go to the original post there must be something to click on here surely? I’m getting more confused daily 😦


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