Upstairs/Downstairs Series II Episodes v & vi

Even dear old Aunty ABC seems to have had enough of this rubbish and broadcast two episodes in the one night obviously with the intent of getting rid of this once and for all as soon as possible.

I shall however persevere to the end 6 down 3 to go I believe; at the end of which I shall get myself somewhat drunk in celebrating it’s demise.


2 thoughts on “Upstairs/Downstairs Series II Episodes v & vi

  1. Brian,
    it must be particularly bad, no one has commented on it. I enjoyed the first series, but haven’t seen any of this series. I think you can only take so much of this type of bodice-ripping drama.


    1. Well Neill it isn’t exactly bodice ripping drama, perhaps if it was it might have been better. This without doubt is the greatest load of rubbish ever to leave the BBC. Why they couldn’t find somebody alive who could have advised them on WWII is beyond me. There are so many flaws I wouldn’t know where to begin listing them,


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