Happy Birthday Grand Central Station

Surely one of the great buildings on this planet, and to think that unscrupulous developers wanted to tear it down and make a quick great big buck.

Thanks be to Jackie O for being the inspiration and power of the movement to stop this act of supreme greed, vandalism and bastardry.

A visit or holiday in New York is not a visit or an holiday without a little time spent in the grandeur of this beautiful edifice. It takes my breath away.

Grand Central

Today 3rd February 2013 marks the 100th anniversary of it’s opening and I and my family, the War Office, Dopey Daughter, Emma Boo; Luke and Nathan all wish it a very Happy Birthday.

(A not very good photograph of the War Office and me taken in Grand Central 29th June 2008)


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Grand Central Station

  1. Brian,
    didn’t “unscrupulous developers” tear down working class housing to develope it in the first place? Now that it is built, it is a building of significance worth preserving. I hope they have a plaque in it, in memory of those left homeless by its construction. I suppose it is a good place for street people to go to get shelter during freezing winter days and nights, or are the homeless “moved on”? I’m told it has another social function as a “pick up” area, or is my information out-of-date, like me?


  2. Not as far as I can ascertain Neill, what they did do was for the benefit of all New Yorkers. well those living on Manhattan. Perhaps I should do a follow up on the many benefits to Manhattan which far outweigh any disadvantages which may have occurred.


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