Upstairs Downstairs: Series II Episode iv

What is there to say about the mind numbing nonsense?

I shall persevere to the very end; there are only 2 more episodes left for me to witness.

I’m living in hope that the finale will be something out of the box; along the lines of all the family upstairs and down are gathered at 165 Eaton Place for a nice old WWII knees up mother brown and they don’t hear the air-raid sirens and one of Hermann  Göring’s bombers scores a direct hit with his full load .

Now that would be a fitting end to this rubbish!



2 thoughts on “Upstairs Downstairs: Series II Episode iv

    1. Thank you Aubrey, Yes I did watch it from time to time but I find I cannot actually follow a series religiously as some can, I get bored quite easily and will pick up a book instead. perhaps it’s me that’s the bore 🙂


All comments appreciated and acknowledged

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