Upstairs Downstairs – Series Two.

Much to my surprise the Australian Broadcasting Corporation; our ABC decided to air series two of the 2010 program Upstairs Downstairs. Probably, I imagine as a fill in during this non-rating summer period of Australian Television.

In an act of self-flagellation I’ve forced myself to start watching it. Two down four to go . 😉

I have not been disappointed, it is far worse than ‘Series 1’ and even more ludicrous.

Episode 1 seemed to be a documentary about WWII gas masks, which they got wrong as was to be expected;Gas mask and a how not to use sandbags lesson.  

(A photograph of an infants gas mask not a scaled down Cambrai tank as the program suggests).

Also what a jolly place Berlin was to go to for a holiday prior to 3rd September 1939. 

And what a naughty girl Lady Percy is turning out to be, smooching with her sisters husband. (Just think I always picture Claire Foy as Miss Elizabeth Bennet) Hussy! 😦

Episode 2 was even worse, the cook walks out and trots off to annoy a nephew and his wife, luckily they came along otherwise she’d have had nowhere to go and people to annoy. 

Poor young Lady Agnes is told “no more children” so they invite the Kennedy’s to dinner along with Prince George of Kent whatever happened to Princess Marina? She doesn’t get a look-in. (Pity that; she was such a lovely lady).

But the Kennedy’s that’s going to far, and JFK going downstairs looking for some bi-carb for his indigestion? Making him look like a real good guy a man for the people. Codswallop!

Really this is just the writers, producers and what have you sucking up to the Americans probably hoping to get the offer of a good, big bucks job in Hollywood. 

Well I just cant wait ’til next week for another thrilling installment of this rubbish. I might even write another critique just for the fun of it. 😉 

I can see why the Beeb decided to cut their losses and not run with a Series three.

4 thoughts on “Upstairs Downstairs – Series Two.

  1. Brian,
    you’d have to be a mug to watch this old pot boiling, bodice ripping show, don’t waste your time – take the dog for a walk.


    1. Neill, this is a 2010 version of the 1979=80 success, this one isn’t. Dame Edith Atkins who created the original appeared in the 1st series realized what a mess it was and gave it away. It took the BBC a bit longer, they let series 2 run but cancelled a third series. I watch it on ABC iView on my computer late in the evening before retiring; Igo to bed chuckling at the comedy of errors that I’ve just watched.

      Coco doesn’t like going for a walk at that time o night, he prefers to get into his little bed and snore


  2. Brian, I loved the original series and gave a pass to Season 1 of this new adaptation. But Season 2 was terrible, with Rose and Lady Maud (Eileen Atkins) gone. BBC was smart to cancel the series.


    1. Thank you Vic, from the two episodes that have aired here so far I think perhaps you are being kind saying Series 2 was terrible’. I don’t know whether or not I shall see the rest of the series or give it a miss.

      It surprised me that our ABC aired this at all



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