Norwegian Royal Guard Regiment

This is the Norwegian Royal Guard Regiment (equivalent to the British and Canadian Guards regiments).  It is interesting how a cheesy Hollywood theme (from “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”) can sound impressive when played by an elite military band.


Those are US made Garand M-1 rifles (WWII), and they are heavy weapons (9 pounds each). When that one fellow goes on his own – You’ve never seen a rifle spun that fast before! Incredible; Unbelievable!!!



This clip runs for 8 and a half minutes, and if you don’t sit and watch it spell bound then I suggest you contact an undertaker and demand his immediate services!

3 thoughts on “Norwegian Royal Guard Regiment

  1. Yes, it is interesting how a military band/precision group, can always entertain a crowd.


  2. I can not get the link to open, it’s like the whole thing has been scrubbed from the net. Anyone out there have this saved on their computer?


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