“Stormin’ Norman the non-hero

Why is it that Americans are always in need of heroes, in desperate need it seems; so much so that they are able to grab somebody from relative obscurity and almost overnight turn him into a hero. As was the case with the late General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, who until the four days of ‘Operation Desert Storm‘ in 1991 was virtually an unknown.,

But after the four day skirmish one can hardly call it a war, (in which  the United States along with 34 allied countries with a mighty show of arms and materials which included from the US alone two naval battle groups,(CVBG); USS Dwight D Eisenhower and USS Independence plus the BBBG‘s USS Missouri and USS Wisconsin) he becomes a hero 

A battle group normally consists of 1 Aircraft Carrier, 2 Guided Missile Cruisers, 2 Anti Aircraft Warships, and 1-2 Anti Submarine Destroyers or Frigates, in addition to the naval airpower, the USAF had almost 150 aircraft deployed.

In all the US fielded more than half a million men and women and the other countries chipped in with another large number, all told around 1 million heavily armed, heavily protected troops to take on the might of the Iraqi forces.

It took all of four days to rout the mighty  Iraqi forces, such was the propaganda put out by Washington now exposed .

To the victor the spoils and also the right to re-write the story of the conflict and the aftermath in any way it suits. I won’t go into that now!

And where was ‘Stormin’ Norman’ whilst the four days of battle was going on? Apparently he was not at the forefront of his attacking troops, but strategically placed behind the lines where he controlled the action and kept the media up to scratch. No wonder they loved him.

To compare him with Gen. MacArthur or Gen. Eisenhower is ludicrous  (although Eisenhower was and is greatly over-rated; but again that’s another story), and then to fete him and give him honours for what? He did precious little. 

Why he was given a KCB we can only put down to that sycophantic English PM of the day John Major putting Stormin’s name before the Queen  to gain favour with Washington.  Unfortunately the Queen  has to accept the advice of her Prime Minister but I’ll wager truth be told she would rather not have given the honour.  

And what did our great heroic general do once the dust had settled? Did he accept the promotion offered? No! Did he stay in uniform to lead his men on to even greater glory? No!.

He resigned a few months after the war and sold the rights to his story for $4,000,000.00! What a hero, what a great soldier what a dud!

12 thoughts on ““Stormin’ Norman the non-hero

  1. Do Americans have any social history? It seems most of their history is based on war – War of Independence, Indian wars, Civil War, Spanish wars, WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, etc, etc. They certainly glorify war.


  2. The Statement “To compare him with Gen. MacArthur or Gen. Eisenhower is ludicrous”, I would agree with. In the above comment, the statement “They certainly glorify war”, I would Question. “They” is all encompassing. Who is “They” ? I’d say that’s not the people but media, news and entertainment. What “They” report, how “They” report, and entertain. contain methods of quiet manipulations, serving to shape the “group mindset”. in truly subtle and insidious ways. That to my mind is the “They”. Without The Influence and scope of the “They”, I believe the view would be much different.


    1. The comment “they glorify war” was made by Neill, I think I’d agree with him from an Australian point of view because that is how it is portrayed here. I agree with you though that it is probably the fault of the media and the entertainment ie movies that tend to glorify it. Kind of WYSIWYG. Unfortunate;y here we dont get to see or hear what the thinking Americans think or feel about it, one way or the other; but the love affair that many have with guns and the second amendment does make you think that the Yanks love to glorify anything where guns are concerned.


    2. Thanks for the comment Lee, appreciated. 🙂


  3. If you lived with the politicians we have here – you might understand our need for heroes who are outside that arena. Youngsters look up to sports idols and then they get arrested for drugs or domestic abuse or murder, The General did what he had to do, when he had to it and he won – with what they pay them, let him have the book rights to retire on.


    1. I agree re the heroes and the need for them but a true hero needs to stay above we mortals and selling out for cash belittles them and their achievements. Had he not retired when he did perhaps he may have become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and who knows a tilt at the Presidency instead of George W. Bush.
      As an American hero he would surely have had a very good claim on the people as did “Ike” , but he settled for the money and no everlasting fame.
      Don’t talk to me about politicians here in Australia we have the weakest bunch ever at the beck and call of rupert murdock and gina rhinehart Australia’s 2 wealthiest individuals(those two never get their names capitalized by me), and like you sportsmen and women are elevated to the heights of heroes which is ludicrous they are just highly paid business people doing what they do best for a living. The same as the US.
      Drugs are becoming an ever increasing problem here, however the homicide rates continue to fall, for the period 2008- 2010 there was a total of 510 homicides in the whole country, ( less than 16% by firearm) domestic rated highly.
      I think that the total number for the whole country is testimony to value of the strict gun laws we have in place.


      1. Trying to control guns in the US would be like the old Prohibition Days – it would never work.


        1. Unfortunate but true, it’s much to late now. The Founding Fathers could never have envisaged the repurcussions; it was the Founding Fathers I presume who responsible for the Second Ammandment?


        2. Believe it or not, in history, very few of our ancestors back then even knew HOW to fire a gun – let alone own one – it wasn’t like the movies. Yes, the founding fathers put in the right to bear arms, but very few had them. People stress parts of the Constitution to suit themselves and ignore the other parts. What gets me is everyone’s complaints about their Right to Privacy being offended – you can check out that Bill of Rights up, down, right, left and center – There is NO Right to Privacy!!!!


        3. Perhaps it’s time for the American people to sit down and write a New Constitution, but then I suppose the trouble is people like rupert murdock would buy their own constitution of exploitation and the country would be in a worse mess.


        4. Congress gets hung up on the simplest of bills and YOU suggest that they re-write the Constitution???? Are you NUTS????


        5. Probably gp 🙂

          Politicians are the same the world over unfortunatley I have very little time for them and respect very few.

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