A rambling apology of sorts

I had high hopes of a productive month of “Blogging” in September , but for the most part I was feeling somewhat poorly; I’d actually started several “Blogs” and left them in the draft stage. I may get around to finishing what I started; but don’t count on it.

To my follower I apologize for being remiss in my output and I will endeavour to make up for it this month. 😮

Today being the 1st day of October , a public holiday now known as Labour Day, is being observed. I seem to recollect that many years ago it was called “Eight Hours Day” to celebrate the the introduction of an 8 hour working day as the norm.

The following link is worth reading especially by the downtrodden workforces of many so called civilized countries of this world, countries who’s names I will not mention; although really I should, to shame them, but those responsible for the shame will never get to read this so I wont bother and embarrass the innocent victims of mans inhumanity to man.


All comments appreciated and acknowledged

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