Voting: Should it be compulsory!

Today in New South Wales we have our ‘Local Government Elections’ and, as is the case of all elections in Australia all those Australian Citizens or Permanent residents above the age of 18 years must register must vote. It’s compulsory!

Is this a good thing? Should voting be compulsory?

In most countries around the world voting is not compulsory and with the USA Presidential Election looming large on the horizon the other peoples of the free world can and will (well some of us will) look on and wonder just how many eligible Americans will get out and vote for the supposed leader of the free world and just how many can’t be bothered.

No doubt there will be a lot of negatives which will inevitably focus on freedom of choice and little substance to back it up. There are some that feel it is essential, that people should be compelled and have their reasons for compulsion equally valid as the negatives.

I’m sure we all have our feelings on this subject, I know I have mine and I’ll give them at the end of this debate along with my reasons and I’d like to hear yours.


7 thoughts on “Voting: Should it be compulsory!

  1. I have a major problem with people who complain about our politicians yet never vote, they complain about the way the country is ran yet never go to the polls, I believe in the ” WE THE PEOPLE”,,and think that if WE THE PEOPLE would do are part alot of our goverment crap would be put to rest


    1. Good for you Lisa, I’m glad you know the right thing to do, but then again I’ve never doubted you in the many years I’ve enjoyed your friendship.


  2. Thanks for the reminder! I’ve just been. I like the sense of community – we’re all out exercising our responsibility. But obviously there are people i’d prefer didnt make the effort or werent forced to go!


    1. Really Sarah where would you be without your D. O. D. I hope you made the right choice,
      Love you, xo DOD


      1. I think i did! Thanks DOD xx


  3. I think it’s a great idea. The intelligent people seem to be too lazy or complacent to go to the polls…and we’re left with the fools who have nothing better to do choosing how the country is run.


    1. Thank you Jean, I must admit that when I first came upon the idea of compulsory voting I was outraged; as you can see I’m a convert and I plan to sum up my reasons later. I hope you’ll read them.


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