The Crucifixion: Questions 2 & 3

I think it fair to say that Jesus was crucified by the Jews and not the Romans. Did not Pilate call for a bowl of water and wash his hands? Herod could find no fault in him either, but the Sanhedrin did and so Jesus was handed over to the Jews with Roman soldiers in control. That’s pretty basic but I think you’ll get the idea; now my questions are,

                                            2)  Why did the execution take place on a Friday?

                                            3)  Why did Joseph of Arimathea (one of the Sanhedrin) supply the tomb?

If you decide to take part in this discussion; call it what you will; will you please give your reasons for your answers: as I shall give mine come the finish of this little lot.

And please, put all your replies in the right ‘Leave a comment’ box so that I get to see them and can thank you and publish them

4 thoughts on “The Crucifixion: Questions 2 & 3

  1. The crucifixion took place on a Friday, because the Passover was fast approaching, with Jews from all over the known world gathering in Jerusalem. The Sanhedrin didn’t want Christ spreading his teachings among the tourists, so things came to a head and he had to be crucified and disposed of before sunset on the Friday. The Roman soldiers had been on holidays earlier in the week and had returned to their barracks at 9:00 p.m. for ” lights out”, on the Thursday evening. Brian I don’t know, I await your explanation. As for Joseph’s motives, I have no idea. I always thought he was a disciple of Christ and was getting him buried quickly, according to the Jewish custom (religion) of the time.


    1. Neill,
      You might look at the post I received from Jean, (a delightful charming lady who I met through Twitter who teases me just as I tease her at times). The link she sent me is most interesting and the views/comments are new to me and I shall have to study them more.
      I would like to hear what your views are on them,


  2. Neill, I don’t have an explanation only a theory but I think it best to leave my thoughts and reasoning however off the mark until last. I trust you wont die from suspense sit quietly and enjoy a “Scotch and Soda” and relax.

    Hopefully I can get a few more contributions to the debate before closing it off and I have got a few more Q’s to add before then as well. 😉


  3. Thank you Jean, being an atheist doesn’t mean I should ignore discussing it, indeed I find it a fascinating subject. The link you sent me is one that I’ll need to read a lot more than the once, it is most interesting and I shall refer my good friend Neill (you may have read his comments) to it and get his thoughts. He is a very devout and honest Catholic and I know he will give an honest reply.

    I do not knock anybody for their views on religion indeed I brought my children up in the Catholic faith and each week went to Mass with them and assisted in their education never once letting on my views; this was not hypocrisy this was what was agreed when the War Office and I married. Our children were all educated in private Catholic schools and I never missed one engagement where I was required or needed, and not once did I let on; was that being naughty? :o)


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