Questions; Answers & Arguments.

It was suggested to me by an acquaintance on Twitter that I have a Q & A segment on this site, and further more for me to be the “Moderator” and to ask the questions and to lay down the law. She also suggested that the Q & A be for Mature Adults Only; I don’t think she meant an “R” rated site, but one where sensible adults participate; then again I could be wrong.

So I’ve decided to give this idea an airing and if it pans out well then I’ll certainly keep it going as long as the interest is there; however I think some ground rules should be laid out  so that there is no doubt in anybody’s mind what  I hope is a fair thing for all.

I guarantee that all comments will be posted providing they follow the guidelines; those that have read “Rumblings & Ramblings” will know that profanities and expletives will not get past the post with me; minor expletives such as damn will not be a problem. Personal attacks on anybody be they contributor or Moderator will not be tolerated or posted, they will not get by me. I don’t like or believe in censorship but I do believe in and like common courtesy and respect for everybody.

If anybody has any question and or subject that they’d like put to the forum for discussion they are welcome to e-mail me at

I shall post my first “Q” shortly, I know what it will be and I’m sure it will be controversial  and hopefully interesting enough to excite some Mature Adults.

3 thoughts on “Questions; Answers & Arguments.

  1. Tim Dwiggins 03/09/2012 — 22:34

    Yes to all. Because I believe every word in the Holy Bible!


  2. Thank you Tim, I’m really not sure what you are saying “Yes” to, You said and I quote “Yes to all” which seems to say yes you agree there was a crucifixion yes it’s a hoax and yes it’s a con job gone wrong.
    I note and respect your beliefs Tim but do you mean the Old Testament as well as the New.


  3. These two comments belong to the question: The Crucifixion hoax or con job gone wrong


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