Emma Boo Boo Possum

Today we celebrate my youngest daughters birthday, I won’t be so insensitive as to tell you how old she is; for some reason best known to herself the War Office began calling her Boo Boo Possum from an early age.

Perhaps it’s because she called Dopey Daughter “Precious Treasure” , which was shortened to Presh! Naturally our Emma got shortened too, she became Boo. At times she still gets called that by her siblings and her partner Luke.

Emma’s not very fond of the Internet, she finds it intrusive and will not have a bar of such rubbish as Facebook; (I’m not very fond of it either I only get there because I have many chums who expect it of me), so I will not be posting any pictures/photographs of her; well I may put a few on from when she was a baby and little girl so you can all see how cute and sweet she was as a child.

It’s been said that of all my children Emma most resembles me in temperament; she’s stubborn and strong willed. Don’t even think of arguing or disagreeing with her if she thinks she is right, it will get you nowhere! 🙂

Emma loves New York (it’s hard not to love NY except for the Yankees and she will disagree with me there most forcibly; she has been known to walk around with a Yankee shirt with the #2 on the back) and in 2008 she thought it would be nice and a good idea if the family all went to NY to celebrate her 30th birthday.

So we did.

For reasons beyond my comprehension she enjoys a TV show ” Sex & The City” which as you may well know is set in NY, apparently the sex part of the show like to buy cupcakes from a special cupcake shop and eat in a special restaurant. These are two actual places and so her birthday was celebrated with cupcakes and a luncheon at that restaurant.  A very enjoyable experience although I can’t remember what I ate so obviously the food wasn’t memorable.

Anyway today 6th July we celebrate our Emma’s birthday, I doubt she’ll ever get to see or read this but “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO 🙂 “.

All comments appreciated and acknowledged

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