To Bury, To Burn or To Bottle..

that is the question

Some  fifty or 60 years or so ago, I read a book, I can’t recall the title but it was a novel about two Scottish brothers, John & William Hunter, how much truth and how much fiction was in the story I don’t know; I can’t remember much about it at all.

What I do remember though was it concerned bodies and body snatching, the two Hunter gentlemen were surgeons and anatomists and they had to get their corpses from somewhere.

Anyway to keep matters short, which for me is unusual, it was at this time that I made up my mind, that when I was dead, my corpse would go to a university medical school, for aspiring doctors to chop up and practice on.

Burying and burning lost all interest for me, I came to visualize bits and pieces of me, sitting on shelves, in glass bottles to arouse the curiosity of some, and the amusement of many.

As for my bones, I did hope that they would be all wired up to form my skeleton, a hole drilled in the top of my skull, with a hook screwed in, so that it could dangle (and jingle) in the breeze, in  a classroom. ,

Not much hope of that nowadays though; I doubt they use real skeletons, and the classrooms would be air-conditioned there wouldn’t be a breeze to set me a jingling.

However, be that as it may, when I die, my body belongs to the University of Wollongong, N.S.W. to do with as they wish, whatever is left,  they will cremate and inter into their wall of remembrance, so at the finish  one way or another  I shall be burnt bottled and buried.

Now hows that for a cheerful subject on which to finish the week!

1 thought on “To Bury, To Burn or To Bottle..

  1. I’d offer mine up but I’m still using it.


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