The origins of ‘LordBeariOfBow’

For those of you that are curious as to the origin of “Lordbeariofbow‘ let me assure you that it is just a fun name and how it all started.

I have had an English (Mark) chum on line since I first discovered the horrors of the Internet, naturally we met in one of those silly game rooms where you have a “nic” (nickname) nom de plume call it what you like.  Mark went under the pseudonym of ‘Cuddlybuggs’ (with 2 g’s) where he came up with that one God only knows. I went under the name of beari417 and I know where this came from.

The b and e are my first two initials and as I was born under the sign of Aries I took the ari then added the 417, the 4 for April and the 17 the day. I think perhaps the ‘Cuddly’  bit came from the fact that Mark was somewhat rotund. He did enjoy a beer or two…..

Now he is very slim he hasn’t had a drink in some time, if you ask him how long he will tell you exactly how many years months weeks days and hours since he last took a drink. I’m pleased to say though that Mark doesn’t miss the drink.

Mark like many others had discovered a way of, for want of a better word. cheating in the game room. Unlike many others though he got caught and as a result he got the bullet; not only that he lost his identity; ‘Cuddlybuggs’   was no more 😦

Not to be outdone Mark resurrected ‘Cuddlybuggs’ by elevating him to a knighthood and henceforth he was known as ‘SirCuddlybuggs’.

Being what I considered the superior of the two I decided that an elevation to a knighthood would not do! Ennoblement, nothing less was called for; having regard to my humble beginnings as a Londoner born within the sound of Bow Bells.

Henceforth I became  ‘LordBeariOfBow’ , and I haven’t touched a drop since yesterday. 😀

All comments appreciated and acknowledged

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