Pride & Prejudice: BBC 1995 – another gripe

I forgot to mention this one, obviously, otherwise why would I be adding it now?

Those familiar with the BBC 1995 production will recall the scene where Lady Catherine is holding court on the first visit by Elizabeth, Sir William and Maria,; her Ladyship turns to Mr Collins and mentions that the Bennet estate ‘Longbourn’ is entailed to him, to which he mumbles obsequiously that it does, Lady C then turns to our Elizabeth and asks “do you have any brothers and sisters Miss Bennet?

Her Ladyship is supposed to be a pretty smart so why on earth does she ask Elizabeth if she has any brothers? Surely she must know that she doesn’t have any  brothers because if she did  the estate would not be entailed to Mr Collins.

At least Miss Austen didn’t make this mistake, the writers/editors et al  at the BBC should have known better!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Pride & Prejudice: BBC 1995 – another gripe

  1. Although the 1995 P&P is magnificent, it is not without its imperfections. One which I have never seen mentioned elsewhere is that, when we hear Caroline Bingley’s voiceover reading her letter announcing to Jane that the whole Netherfield party has left for London (‘and without any intention of coming back again’), we get two pictorial shots of Georgiana with Bingley and Darcy. If these are supposed to illustrate either Jane’s or Elizabeth’s mental pictures on reading the letter, which does appear to be the case, then this is anomalous as neither of them has ever met, or probably even seen a picture of, Georgiana, so have no idea what she looks like.


    1. Damn, why didn’t I see that? Thank you for bringing that to my attention Andrew of course you are perfectly correct. Hopefully the BBC will produce another edition of Pride & Prejudice that will surpass the 1995 production,

      I should like to see Emelia Fox reprise the part played by her mother in the ’95 and Claire Foy play Elizabeth.

      Thank you for taking an interest in my blog.


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