Pride & Prejudice – BBC 1995

Last Saturday night being alone I decided to watch this BBC production for the eleventyninth time, and when I watch it I watch it in it’s entirety not just one episode, and as always three things stand out and niggle at me. So time to get them off my chest.

The first is not really a problem and occurs in Episode 3, the proposal scene: Mr Darcy comes barging into the drawing room where Elizabeth is reading her sister Jane’s letters, again! The clock on the shelf shows the time as 6.17, we know it’s pm. When Mr Darcy departs crestfallen and angry the clock is still on 6.17.

I don’t believe the clock has stopped as such I believe it’s the producer and/or director up to a little mischief or teasing us.

On the 24 hour clock, which I’m accustomed to using, 6.17 pm is 18.17 hours: Jane Austen died in, you guessed it 1817 and perhaps they weren’t teasing or up to mischief but using it as a form of dedication to Miss Austen. I like to think this is so.

The other two little niggles I shall talk about in a separate blog

All comments appreciated and acknowledged

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