My 29th Birthday is here; again!

I like to think that I’ve put paid to that old adage “only the good die young” . Today the 17th April 2012,  I shall celebrate the 48th anniversary of my 29th. Twenty-nine is a number I like, and like me it’s a prime number; and I like to think that I’m in my prime. Ah wishful thinking. 😦

Anyway it’s here and I’m hoping for a couple more so that I can celebrate the “Golden Anniversary” in 2014, but I’m not banking on it, back in 2005 Doc. Fogarty told me that he would guarantee me another 6 to 8 years; he’s the best doctor I’ve ever come across so I have no qualms about breaking any ethics by mentioning his name, if indeed I’m doing so, he is just the greatest.

Each time I go for the check up on my cancer, the verdict comes back that I’m still in remission and there is no sign of it’s return; which is always good to hear. But the 6 to 8 year guarantee is nearly up so I’ll just carry on annoying everybody as usual for the foreseeable future.

And that’s another reason why I got started on these “Blogs”  amongst other things or inter alia as I was wont to say back in the bad old days, it’s a means of recording some of my memories for my dopey daughter which she’s nagged me about for years and which I doubt she will ever read.

C’est la vie

Happy birthday to me 🙂

1 thought on “My 29th Birthday is here; again!

  1. Well. you got a number more years out of it . . . and perhaps some more time to go.


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