“The Tudors”

I’ve noticed that this program is to quote from Wikipedia  “The Tudors is an Irish historical fiction television series filmed in Ireland, created by Michael Hirst and produced for the American premium cable television channel Showtime. The series, named after the Tudor dynasty, is loosely based upon the reign of King Henry VIII of England

I must admit to watching perhaps 2 or 3 episodes before my disgust at such a complete load of codswallop made me stop following it further. I considered that enough was enough. Snob that I am.

How loose is loosely is beyond me, this series is a complete travesty; I realize that many of our Yankee & Irish cousins hold us in contempt for our past misdeeds and endeavours to subjugate them but really, do they have to do this to us and our history?

There is a problem here with the less well educated in that they will tend to believe that what they are watching is true.

For the better educated of our American chums it has been the means to a great deal of fun, especially on Twitter. Several Tweeters play out different rolls  obviously with tongue in cheek; and I find it highly amusing and must admit to being a bit of a “Peeping Tom” into their activities to the point where I’ve made a few comments here and there. It’s all rather jolly and completely harmless .

With this I can find no fault; but I must admit to worrying about the ignorant and ill informed who accept the rubbish as gospel and judge the English accordingly. That is disturbing!

Here endeth todays lesson in “Grumpy” 🙂

All comments appreciated and acknowledged

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