Spooks & other BBC TV Dramas

Usually, late, most evenings I’ve started watching re-runs of some great English dramas being streamed on-line by the ABC; that’s the Australian ABC not the Yankee version.

Of these I most enjoy  “Spooks” I haven’t seen every series, just bits & pieces, here & there, which is ridiculous when I consider what a fine program this is; perhaps I should drop the hint and get the complete set of DVD’s or else buy them myself.

I’ve no idea how many disks would be involved. “Spooks” runs to ten series.

I always have great fun looking for, and finding, mistakes in the continuity & production, of all TV drama,  so far I must admit, I’ve been unlucky with “Spooks”.

Ne’er a one have I have been able to find.  No not one fault in all that I’ve watched; which is not really that many.

Of course I have more luck, and fun  pulling our Yankee cousins dramas to pieces, they just don’t seem to care, or else have no idea regarding continuity, or accuracy, they just seem to want to churn the stuff out, like sausages.

The best of the Yankees programs to really rip is, in my not so humble opinion, “The West Wing”; the continuity and mistakes must run into hundreds over the whole production.

Maybe sometime in the future, when I have a couple of weeks to waste, I’ll watch the lot again, and record every mistake I can find; but this is getting away from the point; which is BBC dramas.

“Dalzeil & Pascoe” is also being re-run (again) and I always get a kick out of the obnoxious Dalzeil, and his always miserable looking offsider Pascoe. The stories are usually good, and plausible, the acting always top notch.

“Whitechapel”  another police/thriller starring Rupert Penry-Jones & Phil Davies that very fine actor is another program that I’ve started to follow. You’ll recall Rupert Penry-Jones played Adam Carter in ‘Spooks” between 2004-08, appearing in 41 episodes.

I much preferred his performance in “Spooks” to his “Whitechapel”.

Being a devotee of Jane Austen’s works I’d like to see his performance as Capt. Wentworth in the TV movie production of “Persuasion”.

Who cannot like Phil Davis? A truly gifted actor, writer and director, I have never seen him in any production, without being completely convinced that he is, who he is supposed to be, I never see him and think ‘ah that’s Phil Davis’; that never occurs to me. he is who he portrays, and if that’s not a sign of a top performance than I don’t know what is!

…………to be continued sometime or other.

All comments appreciated and acknowledged

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