“The Wire”

Me being ‘pickie’ of The Wire

I decided to watch this series again and last Friday evening I began the second series.Those familiar with this program will recall that this series starts with Jimmy McNulty assigned to the Baltimore Harbor Police. The introductory scene is the patrol boat approaching a broken down luxury cruiser aptly or facetiously “Capital Gains” and registered in Washington DC.

Jimmy, our hero, boards the broken down vessel to inquire whats wrong, he is informed that there is an electrical fault and the motor wont start. The host of the party on board reaches into his wallet obviously to offer our Jimmy a bribe, to take their time in towing the boat to safe harbour.

Scene fades to late evening and there is the disabled “Capital Gains” being towed slowly along by Jimmy and his sergeant  in the darkness with all lights blazing and music blaring.

Need I say more?

All comments appreciated and acknowledged

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