“Lady Day”

Speak no ill of the dead; only the good that you know

Today 25th March is still known as “Lady Day” in England. Until 1752 it was the first day of the new year on the ‘Liturgical Calendar’; it was changed then, when the church switched from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian. The English had been celebrating ‘New Years Day’ on January 1st since the late 14th century when it was adopted to coincide with the “Yuletide” celebrations.

On this day in 1909 my mother was born had she still have been alive she would have been 103 today. During WWII she drove a steam locomotive on the docks along the Thames; at that time the only woman in England to do so;  later she went on to help build the Beaufighter/bombers. She hated Hitler with all her might and this was her way to help defeat him.

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