The ever increasing use of expletives I find worrying, one in particular is becoming so commonplace one might assume that it belongs in shall I say ‘polite company’? Once it was presumed to be the provenance of the lower working class, the wharf  or building labourers and men of that stamp: the lower ranks of the military, basically the uneducated masses of the great unwashed.

Today however, we get it from politicians, movie actors & actresses, educators, ordinary men and women and children! And that’s what disturbs me most the children, naturally following the example set by their parents.

I recall many years ago my son who would have been around 13 or 14 at the time coming to me and saying something like “dad is it Okay if I use the “F” word” and I asked him why and he told me that all his friends used it and they looked at him as if he was odd because he didn’t. I asked him how he felt about using it and he said he didn’t really want to. I told him that there was no need for it’s use and that his friends used it because that was what they were used to hearing and didn’t know what other words to use to express themselves, but if he felt that he needed to use it, then he could if he really thought it necessary.

Of course he never used it and he did not lose any of his friends, and I believe that they all hold him in the highest respect; and this respect flows on to his mother and me. Somehow I get the impression that they envy him.

I might continue this rant at another time.

5 thoughts on “Expletives

  1. If I come across bloggers (Always Americans) that use the word I keep away from them. They seem to be unaware, or couldn’t care that the word may be offensive to others. Twice I included a link to an Australian TV site that I enjoyed, not for the F word which I hated, but for the political and comical content. I no longer do that, I didn’t enjoy hearing the word which I’ve never used in my life, and anyway you yourself pointed out the error of my ways.


    1. Back in the late 50’s I read a book called if I remember correctly “The Naked Ape”; and the introduction was the catalyst that turned me firmly against the misuse of the word.

      I’d recently read Lady Chatterley’s Lover which had just been released, which is actually a book to educate the commoner to the nobility on how not to use the words and how and when to use the words.; which I thought made complete sense, but I still didn’t use them, having no occasion to.

      But The Naked Ape intro gave an example of the mis-use of the words and gave what he, the author believed to be an example of the mis-use, by writing a paragraph from a fictitious story, which he said was, he believed, the way Australians used them and spoke in conversation.
      And he was spot on. My dopey daughter is not like her younger brother 😦

      The second paragraph of my “Ramblings and Rumblings ” Intro/menu, whatever, at the top of each post I state that I will not accept expletives; I’ve only had to censor one comment; which is pretty encouraging

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      1. I’ve never had any on my site, and cringe when I across it on the sites of others and that has me never going back.

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  2. I have one post where I went to town with it . . . it’s a satirical piece I used to express my opinion the way i hear so many other so. I’ve also written a post as to why I don’t swear (well . . . rarely swear).

    But, I fear it’s too late. As you mention, children know it well despite any “bleeping” shows and radio programs might do to spare them hearing it.


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