Dopey Daughters Day

10th March was Sarah’s birthday, well the anniversary if you will be pedantic; so I was commissioned to cook if not her favourite dinner, one of them. My world renowned “Fishermans Pie”; I make this very rarely now and usually only at DD’s request, the WO knows the amount of time and labour that goes into preparing this dish so she no longer requests it. I was to do this on Sunday the 11th as she was going out for dinner  with her friends on the actual day.

This time I had to make it for 8 so there was twice as much work  as normal. And the WO suggested that I make some of my equally world renowned sausage rolls to keep the hunger pains away while they were waiting for the pie. I’m just glad and thankful that I didn’t have to bake the cake as well. I suppose I spent 5 hours or more in the kitchen  and at my time of life I cannot think of anything worse.

Everybody enjoyed the pie (and the rolls) but when it came time to eat I was too tired and did not eat anything, I was past eating and enjoying food by this stage. I did eat a small slice of the birthday cake which I did not make and enjoyed that with a cup of tea.

The War Office thinks cooking something like this is getting too much for me and I’m inclined to agree with her for once, so I announced that this was the last “FP” that I was going to make; Sarah wants me to write the recipe out for her, so that she can carry on the tradition of my World Famous ‘Fishermans Pie’; well we all think it should be 🙂

16 thoughts on “Dopey Daughters Day

  1. So i’ve just stumbled on all this work and have some sense of what you do sitting there in your corner! I’m impressed DOD
    I’m still waiting for the FP recipe though.


    1. I noticed that you did not leave a comment or rate the article. I assume that you only read the one blog


      1. Well you assumed wrong. Didnt realise i was expected to rate everything i read – where’s the fun in that?


        1. I don’t know about fun for the reader but it’s the only way I know if my blogs are being read and if so by whom. Otherwise I’m completely in the dark and wasting what little time I have. Too, if the reader is kind enough to rate the article I’ve written by selecting a star grading then I have some idea as to whether or not I’m hitting the mark with my blogs. That is why I cut and pasted that tweet I received by that lady in the US who read my Firenze Fashion article. She said it was a brilliant blog but she never actually rated it on the site, had she have done so others may have picked it up and read it, thereby giving me an extended audience. When she saw the title on Twitter she must have thought it was about the fashions in Florence as the name implied that. Now she has started following me on Twitter, before that she saw my tweets from the mad Tudor people who are actually quite good and fun to tweet with. They are mostly Yanks but Anglophiles with an interest in English history. One who censored me for the remarks I made about them put me straight on that but in a very nice polite way. She has not much interest in US history but great interest In English from the Plantagenets to the Tudors. She favourited my tweet and she has well over 1000 followers so maybe I’ll get some new readers from them/

          And that my dear dopey daughter is why I’d like comments and grading on EVERY blog.

          I have several in the pipeline in draft form at the moment and they may or may not get to see the light of day. You suggested many years ago that I set my memories down well that’s what I’m doing; they may be all over the place but thay’s how I think and do things you may recall.
          However if you think it’s not much fun writing comments and grading then don’t bother and I wont notify you if there is something I’ve written that may be of interest to you


  2. Family tree is looking good by the way – how an i help with that?


    1. You could perhaps write to your half sister and get info regarding her children, husbands I believe there are more than 2. and info re her mother if she is in contact of if she is dead. I do not want much at all re husbands just names DOB, Marriage date and divorce or widowed dates . You might suggest she looks at the site and tells you whats relevant.
      I think I have done rather well so far, any further delving will require some expense and I don’t think I can get approval for that!


  3. Enjoyed the chat between you both. My youngest, the boy, doesn’t like the idea that I blog. He never reads my blogs and would be horrified if I wrote about him which is why I do – He’ll never know!


    1. We are now estranged, I’ve been tempted to write about that but only one of those that follow me knows about the good times with the no longer dopey daughter. There are a few posts where as anyone can tell I was extremely proud of her.

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      1. Oh dear, I am sorry to hear that you are estranged from her. My reading of your old posts will continue later today.


        1. There are times where I feel I should write a post as to why what happened but then no one read the posts when things were normal,.So it’s kind of pointless, I suppose I could tell you I doubt anyone else would care. Sad really. I think theres a post I did after she got her second degree complete with the YouTube bit I posted after the event. A proud father then

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        2. I’m sure you were Brian

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        3. I am sorry so much went wrong between you.


        4. I’ve found this post that I’m sure you’ll like and enjoyIt’s one of my best, The only person who read it is a dear lady who lives in Kentucky and who I have been in contact with since the last century, She’s the longest loyal follower Ive ever had and could ever wish to have. I should do a post about her, in fact I think I will she deserves one.

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        5. I’ glad you did that post for her

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