Dopey Daughter

You’ve met the “War Office” now it’s time to meet my “Dopey Daughter”Actually she is quite brilliant (well I know she likes to think so) and did exceedingly well at Sydney University. She is studying still as soon as one course finishes she starts another. One could suppose she is a professional student except that she pays for all of them.

But nevertheless she is “Dopey” . She loses things. Keys, wallets whatever she shouldn’t lose she loses. I remember a particular time about 2 years back she came for a visit to see her “dear ol’ dad”; that’s me, and we went down to the Corso in Manly (that’s on and the start of I suppose of whats known as Sydney’s Northern Beaches) and when she went to buy something she found that she had lost her wallet. I should add ‘again’ but I’ll refrain.

So in a sudden attack of panic, she went first to the Police Station to report her loss, and to see if it had been handed in (we’re very honest people on the Northern Beaches). Then to the bank, where she reported all her cards lost, and did whatever she had to do to put a stop on them.

After all this excitement, never a dull moment with my delightfully dopey daughter, we went home and when she was about to leave put on her jacket. put her hand in her pocket to get her car keys ……………}:-)

That’s my D.D.D. and you’ll probably read about her through these pages.

Our other daughter and son, for some reason, don’t like appearing on the Internet, especially in anything that I might get involved with, although my son does use Facebook quite a lot, but only amongst his friends and acquaintances.

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  1. . . . hmm . . . kettle, pot, black, and all that.


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