2 comments on “Stephen Fry made me think

  1. I like you have several “gay” friends, I could care less about what they do in the privacy of their bedroom, Just as I am sure they could care less about what i do in mine, (sleep LOL) Here in Kentucky not sure about other places, seems like they can’t decide how they want to be referred as, Homosexual, Gay, Queer, Queens. My 2 closest friends are females so they want to be called Lesbeins (I know brian, it’s spelled wrong) I just call them Butch and Sonny,,Renee’ is called butch because of her very masculine appearance.
    Love you

    • You hit it right on the head Lisa, what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms is nobodies business but there own. I didn’t go into the business of Lesbians I was talking about the word “Gay” ; but I know many women who are Lesbians and I find that they are by and large delightful people as are the men. Missed you Lisa hope you are well, love you back :) Brian

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